Sunday 11 September 2011

Matryoshka Stuff ★

so remember a while ago when i told you all that i'd been asked to design a tattoo for the lovely Melanie, owner of the Alpine café aka my home from home, well i STILL don't have a photo of the groovy tattoo but i figured i could still share a bit of it with you all!

basically, Melanie loves all things folky so the decor of the Alpine is full of vintage books, posters, photos, cuckoo clocks, records and all manner of other funky bits and bobs

when she asked me to design the tattoo for her, she said that she wanted the main part to feature a Russian doll which i dutifully drew out for her

the finished tattoo features all sorts of stuff but the Russian doll, or Matryoshka, is my fave part of it, so this weekend, having nothing else to do, i decided to have a go at colouring the little Matryoshka (seeing as the version i gave Melanie was just black and white)

these were the results... 

(Copyright © Jade Boylan 2011. All Rights Reserved.)

this one above is the latest, or 'final' version. it's a little different to what i normally do especially seeing as the black outline has vanished! i wanted a sort of screen printed effect and i'm actually hoping to have a go at silk screening a proper version of this once i get settled back at college! fingers crossed it'll work... i'd love to see these printed up massive!!!

it seems that my current fascination with all things CMYK is still here, so naturally i had to have a go at a CMYK Matryoshka, here she is (above) looking very bright

this one here (above) was the first 'silk screen' version i came up with although now i think it looks more like a batik technique's been used or something?! 
and last but not least we have the original. this is the full line drawing coloured the way i envisioned it as a tatoo. Melanie has picked different colours for hers but when i drew it all out, this is how it looked in my mind. 

so yeah, Matryoshka times!

i finally got around to uploading the designs today so now they're available to buy on iPhone cases and t-shirts and stuff...

ok so the baby onesie colours don't quite pop as brightly but it's the redbubble colour conversion to blame, not me! god knows i try to retain colour quality but no matter how many times i use the colour conversion chart, they always end up duller :S

it's still cute though...

+ the iPhone case has made me even more desperado for an iPhone of my own :)

you can also get it on prints, postcards, canvases, guys/girls tees, baby tees, hoodies and stickers.

tees/prints/iPhone cases - Society6 

tees/prints/stickers/onesies - redbubble

feedback would be nice on this so if you like/love/loathe this design, drop me a comment/tweet/email and let me know! 

if people like it i will get some postcards/greetings cards printed up with the full blue background version

* * *

not much else really, working on the Matryoshka also got me tweaking a few of the other tattoo designs and i ended up producing a new wallpaper for my desktop since i thought the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 'Don't Panic' had been there long enough...

it's supposed to look like a papercut... i'm not sure if it succeeds though! it's just a test piece anyway...

* * *

yup so i think that's it! i'm off back to College tomorrow so not sure if i'll be posting tomorrow night or not, depends on how the day goes i guess!!!

so until next time, that's all folks ◕‿◕ ★ xX


  1. Aw, I love matryoshka dolls and your design is so cuteeee x

  2. I love Matryoshka dolls, I have 6 on my office window sill and 3 kokshi dolls!

  3. My mother is Russian and I simply adore Matryoshka dolls, you have made pretty good illustrations! Bravo!