Sunday 21 August 2011

Kind of Boring Stuff ★

hello hello from Dublin town!!! sorry for the mini hiatus, been verrrry busy walking about, shopping, catching trams and the like

but will you just LOOK at what i got today!!! just had to get this amaaaaazing cherry necklace! i LOVE it!!!

isn't it gorgeous!!!

* * *

so the other day I bought this uber cute little rainbow swirl lollipop to go in the giveaway!

I'd have LOVED to have put in one of the big lollies like the one I got in Kinsale, but they're kind of heavy and who knows where these goodies will need to be posted to! I figured a mini lollipop would be better...

there's not been that many entries so far so you know... get entering!

there's still 10 days left to enter before the giveaway closes, to see ALL of the prizes head over to this page here - August Giveaway

so what are you waiting for... GO NOW AND ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!!!

* * *

in other news, while I was getting the lolly I also got myself some bags of jazzles

now if you don't know what jazzles are... then you really haven't lived!!!

I was addicted to these when I was little and I still luuuuurve them now! I like them both together, the milk chocolate and white chocolate ones (yeah i'm a bit weird like that! Go figure)

but they are sooooo SO delicious!

Ok i'll shut up about them now...

* * *

so what else?! Well to be honest there isn't much else!

I travelled up to Dublin on Saturday morning but I hate hate HATE to wander around Dublin taking pictures! I don't know what it is, it have the same mentality whenever i'm in London! So SO much beautiful architecture + stuff to photograph yet I never can bring myself to fish out the camera and start snapping!

although today while wandering along Grafton street i couldn't resist snapping a shot of the very gorgeous exterior of the famous Bewley's Café 

Dublin is a city that I absolutely LOVE to visit! It has such a great atmosphere and it's always so vibrant and fun

yesterday was no different since it was the Rugby world cup Ireland v France match last night here in the city at the Aviva stadium at Croke Park near to where I stayed last August

all day the streets were full of supporters milling about in their green shirts waiting for the 5pm kick off

unfortunately France absolutely kicked Ireland's arse last night but there was still a great patriotic vibe about the city all day

today was the same since it was the GAA Football All Ireland Senior Championship Semi-Final earlier, Kerry v Mayo

Co Kerry won so congrats to them! :)

anyway, today we caught LUAS tram into the city centre where myself and my mum headed off to Abbey street and O'Connoll street while my dad went off to the Point (where the Dublin O2 academy is) near the docks

we had a cracking afternoon wandering up and down O'Connell street and of course... Grafton street!

though unsurprisingly the highlight was probably getting to visit Brown Thomas again!!!

we also popped to the Museum this afternoon where unfortunately, photography isn't permitted! so all i could do was snap a pic of the beautiful old 18th Century Army Barracks that now house the National Musueum of Ireland

where i also ended up getting a pair of mini pencil sharpeners from the shop shaped like a naval cannon and a field gun

 aren't they cute!!! 

* * *

anyway i think that's it for today, this has been a verrrrry boring post so i'm sorry for that! only i would be able to write such a god awful boring post in an amazing city like Dublin! 

i really am sorry...

last day here tomorrow so i probably won't post at all... unless something exciting happens tomorrow that is!

that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★ xX


  1. LOVE the cherry necklace! love love LOVE it! x

  2. Love your necklace too :)

    Miss Cherry's diary

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