Wednesday 8 June 2011

music and mayhem ★

so i actually left the house yesterday afternoon/evening to head into Douglas to watch the red arrows + meet my cousin and my sister before the gig

here i am with my cousin Mandy, waiting for the display to start.

but more importantly... the red arrows were AMAZING!!!

i managed to snap a few quick shots of them swooping around Douglas bay but as we all know, my camera is a bit shoddy so the pics aren't that great. . .

they were really, really amazing though + we found out that one of the pilots was from Coventry, which was nice (all and i mean ALL of my family comes from/lives in Coventry!)

speaking of family, my sister Nikki turned up next

then it was time for the show, we wandered around the Villa Marina for a bit before the gig and Imelda came on at just gone 9pm

myself + Nikki attempted to take a photo but. . . you guessed it, camera + dark room = godawful picture!!!

Imelda looked amazing though! she had this gorgeous red and black polka dot pencil dress and a skull and roses necklace, very rockabilly, very awesome!!!

kind of like this dress only red with black polka dots and black buttons/belt/collar

the gig was amazing! i'd definitely recommend seeing her live if you ever get the chance, what a voice!!!

to be honest i think i just enjoyed getting out of the house for once! at the gig i bumped into Ciara and Julie from Sweet Ginger, my friend Melanie from the Alpine, my graphics tutor Andy and my web designer friend Richard, so all in all it was a super duper night

DEFINITELY go and see Imelda May perform if she ever does a gig in your city/town/country. . . for sure!

after the show i took a walk along the prom (Douglas Promenade) since it all looked so pretty with the fun-fair all lit up

believe it or not but this is one of the first years in a long time that i've actually bothered to visit Douglas at night during the TT, i'm so boring i always stay at home, but the atmosphere last night was great

so maybe now i know what i've been missing all these years

anyway providing it doesn't rain on Friday, i intend to make i into Douglas for the senior race day firework display at night :)

* * *

gosh bit of a boring post today guys! sorry. . .

i don't have anything else to tell you about since i've spent most of the past 2 days editing files for a tattoo design commission + a web design commission

busy busy busy!

i have 3 more artists lined up for the next few 'Creative Café' posts though, so i'll try to work on them next

until then, that's all folks . . . ◕‿◕ ★

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