Thursday 5 May 2011

the 107 year old book ★

today i'm going to share a couple of awesome old photographs with you all

my lovely friend Liz, who is a fellow HNDer at college, kindly let me borrow this amazing old (really old) book since she knows what a sucker i am for books in general (seriously, all the awesome HNDers lend me books all the time, i'm so lucky!)

it's a book called 'Women at Home' and it was printed/published in 1904 (i told you it was old!)

once i'd gotten over the fact i was holding something more than 100 years old in my hands i set about carefully flicking through the pages to see what i could find

at Liz's request i didn't scan any of the pages since opening the book fully would undoubtedly crack the spine, (which would be disastrous in a book this old) but she said i was welcome to snap as many photos of it as i wanted

so . . . that's exactly what i did! and when you see the photos i'm hoping that you'll understand why

in short, this book is chock full of the most gorgeous photographs and paintings and illustrations!!!

most of the photos are of European aristocracy but the book is also full of stories, wonderful illustrations and the most amazing fashion pages depicting the current Parisian fashion trends at the time of publication

i actually LOVE this book! (ok Jade time to shut up and let them see the pictures!)


pretty divine right! though obviously i have my top favourites! these are among them . . .

and now i'll stop!

the book itself is a little time worn and looks completely at odds with the grace, elegance and splendour it hides within its pages

anyway, i loved it! massive MASSIVE thanks to Liz for giving me the opportunity to look through such an amazing book + the chance to share this little bit of historic beauty with you all . . .

* * *

in other news, i recently completed a logo design commission for a local Cupcake company and have permission to share a sneak peek of it with you all

the lovely Sarah from Cupcake Creations asked me to design a little logo for her

now i've tried one of these cupcake creations myself and not only did it taste truly scrumptious, it also looked divine!

those of you that are regular readers of this blog might remember the name 'Cupcake Creations' from this post a while back - Things that begin with 'S' head over to that post to see some photos i snapped of the uber yummy little cupcakes that day

anyway i came up with about 6 different designs for Sarah and she picked this one to be the new logo
for more cupcakey goodness get yourself over to Cupcake Creations and have a skeet at their delectable cupcake galleries

or follow them on twitter @CCIOM to keep up with all the delicious cupcake news

* * *

and what else i hear you cry?! well feast your eyes on this . . .

yes folks that there is a logo stamp . . . with MY logo!!!

not going to pretend that i didn't squeal and jump about when the box arrived this afternoon

and as you can see, i've been stamping away to my hearts content!

made this as well, using the new 'JADE' stamp + some lovely art stamps my mum bought me a few days ago

* * *

not much else to say today dearies

i finally went back to college yesterday to find that my desk had been ransacked of all it's girly, pinup loveliness!

nah, they just had to take my board down so that the younger students can have it for FMP (charming!!!) but it gave me the chance to do a little redecorating, even if it's not quite right . . . yet!

i've not been too well today hence the day at home spent getting print quotes and sewing stuff

hoping to go in tomorrow though . . . i need to tackle the art dept printer!

whether i do or i don't though, here is the state of my 'home' desk today, any guesses as to what it is i've been making?!

ok well while you work it out i'm going to head off and sit at my desk for a bit staring blankly out of the window at the rainy garden and have some daydreams . . .

that's all folks ◕‿◕ ★

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