Thursday 14 April 2011

Fawns and Fabric ★

so i've spent the past few days cooped up in my sewing lair (aka my room) working on new stuff to sell on the etsy shop + stitching together the current orders for the shop

so without any further ado i'd like you all to meet 'Fifi the Fawn'

she's Felicity's big sister, if you haven't met Felicity you can pop over to this post and say hello - Felicity the Fawn

Fifi was a custom order for a local friend of mine that i chat with on Twitter, her name is Carla and you can check out her awesome blog here - life, love and lashings of fun!

anyway, Carla asked me to make a little Fawn for her daughter Gemma only she wanted it to be pale pink and purple, so voila . . . Fifi was the result

now as you can see, she's a little bigger than Felicity + a lot more sturdier

she also has a little pink gingham bow on her front + a fancy little felt flower button on her head

so that's it, she's all done now all that's left to do is hand her over to her new owners, i just hope Carla and little Gemma like her

fyi - i will be making a listing for these Fawn's on my etsy shop soon so if you fancy owning your very own fair little fawn then you'll be able to order one in whatever colours you want verrrry soon 

* * *

in other news, look what arrived yesterday from one of my fave websites. . .

ok so that's not all that exciting but look what was wrapped up with it!

yeeeeah that's right, Liquorice Allsorts fabric!!!! (ah fabric excitement overload) 

so basically Spoonflower sells all sorts of gorgeous fabrics but it will also prints custom patterns of pretty much whatever you want, well i've always wanted to see what one of my illustrations would look like printed on fabric so i thought at least if i used a repeating pattern i could make a purse out of it . . . or something

so i used this image . . .

and got a square yard of fabric printed up with it back!

ah my camera quality is poor but trust me, it looks fab i'm v pleased with how it turned out (even if it did take a full month to get here!!!)

the only problem is that i have absolutely no idea what to make with it!!!

ideally i'd like to make little purses since i think it would be cool to sell purses printed up with my own fabric design, but i'm not sure yet, should probably show it to my tutors at college before i do anything with it so i'll have to wait a few weeks

* * *

ok that's it for now, i need to finish making a little plushie lollipop tonight so that i can pop it in the post tomorrow morning

facing a small dilemma on the lollipop front though since i appear to have nearly run out of fancy little patterned tags to tie onto the lolly sticks!!!

it's a tag emergency that i'm not sure how to fix since the tags i have been using are from America and no-where in the UK seems to sell them!

hhhm, i shall have to search for new tags!

and on that random note, that's all folks . . .  

 ◕‿◕ ★ xX

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