Thursday 17 March 2011

New Artwork ★

sorry for the silence over the past few days! i spent my 2 days off working on new drawings and files + i spent today working on a possible new character design

since i'm so inspired by kawaii culture i decided to have a little go at drawing my own kawaii-esque character (drawing influences from Angelic Pretty dresses and Marie Antoinette

i'm planning on drawing her little friends this weekend but for now, here's the first one...

it's an idea i've had kicking around for a while and seeing as my recent college work has all ended up ridiculously girly i figured i might as well carry on drawing girly things!

the original files are enormous so here's some close ups so you can see the detail a little better

as always, opinions are more than welcome... 

these are WIP designs so please don't copy them or post them anywhere else, i know i'm not normally too paranoid about my work but recently i've been sent emails from people that have spotted oh-so-similar designs to mine floating about on the web. 

i like sharing images on my blog so freely, so i'd really hate to have to start watermarking everything with big ugly grey watermarks!

* * *

not much else to report on, heading into college tomorrow to do some sewing, 

pics of that tomorrow night i should imagine

also, i don't know if the blog sidebar is showing up for anyone else but it isn't showing up for me?!

i checked my design and the parts are all still there, just not loading for me apparently!

anyway, until next time

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ ♥ xX

* * *

ps: please don't steal my work, i spend a lot of time working on it (contrary to popular belief) so i'd really appreciate it if you wouldn't copy it or use the ideas as your own... thanks x


  1. This is amazing. It's all sooo cute and pretty! I would love to have a dress like that cupcake one; I would wear it all the time. x

  2. i know what you mean, i'd love a cupcake dress like that too! Angelic Pretty sell similar ones but they are verrrrry expensive, have a peek -

  3. Thank for sharing!!!

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