Sunday 27 March 2011

Little Cupcakes ★

so today after spilling water on my new copy of Elle magazine + running around playing hide and seek, little miss Sienna helped me bake some cupcakes

we cheated by using some cupcake mixes but it was still fun to crack some eggs and stir up the ingredients

it was also the first time we'd both gotten to test out or new funky aprons, here's Sienna modeling her cute little cupcake one

because she doesn't like icing on cakes, Sienna decorated her 12 using chocolate sauce and tiny little chocolate mini eggs

she did a smashing job dripping the sauce everywhere + used up all of the little eggs to create her chocolaty easter cakes

they looked very pretty when they were all done

then of course it was my turn to do some decorating

my cakes were made using a Disney Princess kit (we bought it for Sienna but of course... she doesn't like icing)

Sienna left me to it and practiced playing skittles over the other side of the kitchen...

while i shakily and messily coated the cakes in gloopy icing and the cute little fondant decorations

they're not perfect (far from it in fact...) but it doesn't matter what they look like... 

it's what they taste like that's important!

Sienna ate most of her chocolatey creations and boxed up the rest to take home

she let 'Fumbo' (aka Dumbo) try one first though...

* * *

in other news...

i got a nice message on twitter last night off someone asking if it was ok to do a mini feature of my work on their blog

my answer was... OF COURSE!!!

it's always nice when someone likes your work enough to want to mention it on their blog so i was more than happy to let Danielle post 2 of my pieces on her gorgeous blog 'Dusty Rocket'

her own artwork is amazing so i think i'm going to ask her if she'll let me do a little feature on her work one day as well

check out the original blog post/feature about my work here - Dusty Rocket

and check out Danielle's awesome website here - Danielle Parker Portfolio

* * *

not much else to report, i'm still working on the little kawaii purse i've been sewing since last Thursday

i WILL finish it... eventually!

i'll post pictures when it's done i promise!

ok i'm heading off to play some 'Pikmin' now on my new Gamecube

that's all folks...

★ ◕‿◕ xX

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