Saturday 25 December 2010

♥ ★ Merry Christmas ★ ♥

i'll keep this short but sweet

i said i'd post so... here i am doing just that!

i hope you've had a wonderful Christmas Day

i certainly have

it's been quiet, just me + my parents but that's fine with me

yes i may have woken up at around 4am then spent the next 4 hours watching movies (equilibrium and treasure planet) on my macbook while waiting OH SO patiently for my parents to wake up...

then came the fun part


i hope you all got lots of super duper gifts and that Santa brought you everything you wanted

sadly i didn't wake up to find a pair of Louboutin's in my stocking... 

i did however get loads of gorgeous gifts off my family and friends

so i am verrrrrry grateful for all the presents i received

i hope everyone else had a fabulously festive day x

* * *

it's Sunday tomorrow so watch out for a 'Super Sunday' post

and... yep, that's it really

i have to go because the Doctor Who Christmas special has JUST finished so myself + Mike are discussing it avidly on skype... as we always do after one of the specials!

hey... it's a Christmas tradition!!!

oh, one final thing... 

this is for my mum to say thanks for the Xmas dinner + for being a star

in case you didn't get it... her name is 'Joy'

* * *

♥ ★ Merry Christmas ★ ♥

◕‿◕ xX

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  1. Merry Christmas Jade! I hope you've had a nice day :) Hugs!