Wednesday 22 December 2010

Family and Friends ♥

so today i FINALLY made it out of the house and into Douglas town!

it's been almost a week since i last saw civilization and i was soooo excited to be heading towards it once again!

we were in town by 9:25am which is ridiculously too early if you ask me!

however today was no ordinary day... for today was a 'red lipstick day'

now i adore red lipstick but truth be told i hardly ever wear it outside my own home.

yes i wear it to do the housework and the hoovering but what's so wrong with injecting a little glamour into an otherwise rather un-glamourous task!

but apart from that... the red rarely makes an appearance, unless it' Christmas time!

the lipstick in question today was a base coat of my favourite Shiseido matte pigment

with a top coat of glossy Revlon red and a dash of cherry Carmex

gosh... the glamour!

anyway, the early trip to town + the red lipstick extravaganza was all for a good cause... we had to get the xmas food shopping!

well i say we... myself + my dad abandoned my mum at Tesco and headed off to run some errands

i say errands... i actually mean 'a trip to B&Q' for some paint and DIY bits

oh i also i finally got to see Mike after 3 months of him being away at uni like the fool that he is!!! 

it was a flying visit but at least i managed to hand over his xmas prezzies BEFORE xmas day!

he was wearing a sparkly silver santa hat which only added to the festivity of the occasion

and yes... in case you were wondering, he did look ridiculous in his glitterball santa hat!

* * *

after that, a few more errands, then we collected my mother and made a bee-line for the town centre!

we met up with my cousin Mandy and mooched around the shops for a bit, to escape the frrrreezing weather!

i got a nice chance to catch up with Hayley (my 50th blog follower) and met up with Charlotte and her husband Rob for lunch

Charlotte INSISTED that i opened my present in front of her so you all get to see the gorrrrrrgeous little polka dot apron she got me for Christmas!!!

isn't it divine!

i just love it, so kitschy and cute! now all i have to do is go and bake some cupcakes or cookies or something!

she had to open hers too (of course!), i got her a cute strawberry Hello Kitty beanie + a cupcake luggage tag (from Fluff) and a little cupcake/lipgloss/flannel set

the weird thing was that the Hello Kitty had polka dots as well! just like my little apron!

what can i say... we BOTH love polka dots 

* * *

after town we gathered up the bags and bags of presents and popped over to my cousins house to drop off all the xmas goodies

it was so soooo lovely to see my little god-daughter Bonnie, she was wearing a red tartan kilt that matched my tartan headband perfectly!

coincidence... i think not! great minds always think alike even if she is only 5-years-old

she handed me my xmas presents plus an adorable card which she'd written for me herself with lots and lots of kisses (and a small smudge of biscuit, how charming)

cue massive emotional overload from the massively proud godmother!

she got a big red lipstick smooch on her cheek for being so adorabubble!

as it is, i'm already a ridiculously proud godmother anyway, Bonnie is not only a gorgeously sweet and super duper little girl, she was also crowned 'Little Miss English Diamonds' earlier this year

a star and a stunner... a doll and a diva... all at the age of 5!

Brilliant Bonnie xX

* * *

then we dropped Mandy off at home with all of her xmas presents, after that i'm not really sure what happened since i fell asleep in the car!

to be fair though i was listening to my 'oldies' playlist so the darlingly divine hits of Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, the Chordettes, the Ink Spots and the Andrews Sisters lulled me off to sleep

luckily by the time i woke up we'd arrived in Ramsey for some fish and chips (YUM)

we also caught the start of the annual Ramsey Lantern parade through the main shopping street of the town

it was so pretty! colourful lights were strung up everywhere and all the children were carrying wonderful home-made willow lanterns in all sorts of shapes.

i spotted a rocket, a yacht, lots of big stars and even the planet Earth!

there was also an amazing old steam powered truck 

+ a steam roller and a big festive float lit up, belting out xmas songs!

it was really festive and despite the cold, there was a great atmosphere and everyone seemed to be having fun = good times!

* * *

i got a nice surprise when i got home as well, not only had my new contact lenses been delivered (early) the book i ordered a few days ago had arrived as well!

i was sooo excited to get this book and it hasn't disappointed me whatsoever!

it's by the embroidery and super sewing dudette, Jenny Hart (whose work i've admired for some time, her work has also recently inspired me to have a go at my own embroidery)

she is beyond legendary as far as i'm concerned and when (and if) i finish my pinup style embroidery i shall dedicate a proper post to her on here, but until then this should give you a taste of her epic sewing skills

the book is just chock full of wonderful sewing ideas + embroidery transfers and fun projects to have a go at

i love love LOVE it! cannot wait to get started on some funky new projects!

her work is so awesome! if you've never seen any of her stuff then i suggest you check out her site, it's super duper FABULOUS! - Jenny Hart

* * *

in other news, i made a weird sort of new illustration thing last night

it's hard to sum up really since it's basically just a set of silhouettes showing some of my favourite 'Girl' illustrations

i'm not entirely sure what to do with it yet, for some weird reason i keep seeing it on a fan or a t-shirt or something...

oh AND i also got a few more bits to add to the Giveaway Goodies pile today!

 here we have a sweet little silky mirror that comes in a matching bag + a set of cute monster badges

if you STILL haven't entered the Giveaway comp then get yourself over to THIS post and read up on how you can enter to win LOADS of cute stuff - Giveaway

get going dudes and dudettes! enter the Giveaway and YOU could win a bundle of funky stuff for the New Year x

* * *

there's not much else for me to add to todays post

it's just been such a lovely magical fun and fabulous day! it's a long time since i've hung out with my family all day and i have to day, i've really enjoyed it

catching up with good friends and family = super duper times indeed

so i'll leave it at that today i think

that's all folks...


ps - i haven't forgotten about the 'farewell in every language' thing, i've just decided to put it on hold until after Christmas

i'll end this weeks 'Super Sunday' post with another language ok, peace out xX

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