Monday 29 November 2010

Magical Monday ♥

so it's the start of another week, if i recall correctly i promised to show you my brand new Pin-up style Girl illustrations

well i'd hate to break a promise so...

meet Violet and Rose (click for full view)

so basically i was browsing on '' the other night and i spotted a few gorgeous frocks and thought... yeah i think i'll draw them

this was the result

in my mind, they're sisters, their names are Violet and Rose... 

but don't let their similarities fool you!

these sisters couldn't be more different...

the only thing they share is their lovely blonde hair and their bright green eyes, that and a mutual love of Vintage fashion!

Violet is the eldest (and the tallest), she feels very protective of her younger sister! her favourite colour is pale Lavender, she loves to listen to classical music, she is a writer and an avid reader, she spends most of her spare time playing the piano or gardening.

Rose is the youngest... but she's never let that hold her back! her favourite colour is red (the brighter the better!), she enjoys pretty much any kind of music so long as it has a good beat and she can dance to it, she is an accessories designer and spends almost all of her spare time shopping!


do you see what happens when i get snowed in and can't leave the house for days on end?!

i go loopy and start making up back stories for my 2D Illustrations...

moving on!

here's the other one i finished yesterday...

BUT... i didn't really like her pedal pushers (trousers) so i had another go...

yay... flowery dress times!

so her name, or title is... 'it might as well be Spring'


well, you may remember in yesterdays post i mentioned that i'm a HUGE fan of 'Musicals' (go and read the post if you don't believe me - Super Sunday #3

well, i watched 'State Fair' yesterday morning and there's a lovely song in it called 'it might as well be Spring' and when i started to colour this Girl, that song was in my head so...

this was the result

i honestly haven't a clue why all the illustrations i've done lately have ended up with a Spring/Summer vibe to them! it makes NO sense

Winter is my favourite season so... i can't explain why these Girls are so light and sunny!

* * *

in other news...

i found out today that there's a photo of me + my Little Lego Christmas Tree in 'the Examiner' (a local newspaper) which is rather super duper news to be honest

i haven't seen it yet but i'll be sure to post a link or a scan or whatever, when i get hold of a copy

as if that wasn't enough, i also finished another commission today

AND i won a free Pizza off Manx Radio this afternoon!

what a day... lucky times for me i guess!

every day a Pizza is given away on the 'Alex in the Afternoon' radio show, you have to answer a question correctly and then they draw a name and that person wins a pizza

well... i don't normally enter but today the question was Formula 1 related so, how could i resist!

anyway, i won = GOOD times!

* * *

and that's it i think,

i also finished a little gouache painting today, it's on an A3 canvas and i shall post info + photos about it tomorrow... i promise!

that's all folks...


Dziękuję i do widzenia 

(that's thank you and goodbye in Polish on behalf of Poland, i've never been to Poland but thank you all the same x) 

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