Tuesday 9 November 2010

illustration times ♥

so it's been another quiet day here at Chateux Boylan... i'm joking, my house isn't really called that although that would be pretty awesome...

anyway, yes, quiet day, i've sat inside all day working on my digital illustrations slowly building an absolute loathing a hatred for the editing software on my macbook, namely: photoshop, illustrator, gimp 2.6 and picasa

apparently... when they're ALL open at the same time + itunes + tweetie my laptop has what i can only compare to a mini nervous breakdown

and NO it's not because it's a mac (Mike... shut up NOW i can already hear you saying "get a proper computer... get a PC" no no NO) it's just being very annoying and naughty at the moment and won't seem to do as it's told!

despite all this, i still managed to finish my new Pinup Girl illustration!

she's rather curvy and another redhead (yes i have been watching a lot of 'Mad Men' lately and yes she probably is loosely based on Christina Hendricks character Joan, from the show) and is wearing a sort of burglar/jailbird outfit! 

i'm not sure which it is exactly but it was based on a super cute outfit off 'Pinup Girl Clothing'

anyway, here she is! she's 'here to steal your heart'...

and yes... i am getting rather carried away with these colourful backgrounds aren't i!

i intend to make the next one yellow so i have a nice little set... better draw something new i suppose!!!

the backgrounds fit well together though, i mean she looks nice next to the two i did yesterday, they make a cute little set of triplets i think...

no... just me?!


well in that case i'll draw them a raven haired sister, put her on a yellow background and they can be colourful quadruplets instead!

* * *

in other news... 

i had some fun this afternoon when i was having a skeet at the official Mad Men website (yes... i am a nerd i know) and i spotted THIS awesome little app that lets you create a Mad Men-esque character (like the little figure in the opening credits of the show... if you've never seen it then never mind)

here are the little versions of the shows cast, aren't they adorable!

it's site is aptly named 'mad men yourself' and was super duper fun

here's my Mad Men character surrounded by all the lovely Guys at Sterling Cooper 

you build up your character from scratch, selecting everything from skin colour, nose, eyes, body shape and mouth right up to picking a cute outfit from the 'wardrobe', some little extras (like handbags, cocktail glasses, cigarettes and jewellery) and last but not least you choose a background for your character.

here's a close up of mine... and look... i made her, her very own Sterling Cooper Ad man as well... 

and look at the Sterling Cooper offices... so cute! 

 anyway that's enough Mad Men stuff... we all know the show is awesome so lets leave it at that shall we!

* * *

ok time for me to go and make myself some dinner now

people hardly ever do remember but... don't forget to leave a comment it you can find it in your heart to!

that's all folks... 

♥ ◕‿◕ ★ xX

'hvala i doviđenja'

(that's 'thank you and goodbye' in Montenegrin, for Montenegro)

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