Saturday 16 October 2010

Tantrums and Tears ♥

So it hasn't been the most fun couple of days. I should explain... I haven't been to college at all this week! Why I hear you cry... well, because I was A: ill and B: working my arse off to finish a commission i've been working on for almost a year.

So why the bad times?!

Well the commission is done now except... the clients don't want to use the images any more!

Yeah... I wasn't too happy about that but hey, what can I do?!

Just wish they'd told me sooner so I didn't have to WASTE MY TIME!!!

* * *

anyway, moving on...

I STILL haven't gotten any snaps of my room to share, I will... eventually, keep reminding me and maybe i'll do it ◕‿◕

so I guess I might as well post some of the images from this big commission then...

basically this charming 'Girl' is called Chloé... or at least that's what I was led to believe she'd be called, hell I guess I could name her whatever the hell I wanted to now since they're NOT USING ANY of the images...
yeah i am pretty bitter about all this i suppose, it's not very professional of me but guess what???

i've been kind of sour about it all day really, so apologies to everyone that's had to put up with my sulking and constantly sarcastic comments. also, big thanks to Mike for actually managing to cheer me up with Hot Fuzz quotes and random youtube links. cheers m'dears!
they're kind of cute though right? i mean i know the face is identical in each one but that was the point... it was SUPPOSED to be the same character you know, uniformity and all that for the site. shame they'll all get wasted now i suppose...
as  sad as it is to admit i really was so supremely gutted when they told me they weren't planning on using any of the files and yes... i may have sent a rather angry and resentful email in the heat of the moment which i have since apologized for. that's the worst thing though! THEY are the ones in the wrong... and yet i find myself apologizing for my actions?!

clearly i'm a pushover if ever there was one...
if you want to see the FULL 'Chloé' set of pictures, they're currently only available to see all posted together on a new album on my facebook fan page, see them here - the Chloé girls

anyway, the site i was doing all this work for is officially up and running now so if you want to sh*t on my dreams even more... feel free to check it out here - Chloe loves Charlie

so i guess that's it for today! i'll try and resume normal (aka HAPPY) blogging for next week! 

oh i'm still not sleeping properly either... just thought i'd share! it's 01:43am and here i am... listening to 'the jitterbug', the deleted song from the Wizard if Oz + blogging away to my hearts content!

that's all folks...


◕‿◕ ★ xX

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