Tuesday 5 October 2010

Sing-a-longs and Super Duper times ♥

bit of a short post today i'm afraid...

So I had another day off College today (Tuesdays & Wednesdays = good times) but i've been feeling SO ill all day i've barely done anything other than sitting on the couch watching movies!

i don't know what's wrong with me but it's so NOT cool any more! i felt so ill last night it was a little bit scary! so this also means i got NO college or commission work done today! ... at all!!!!

but... in other news, i spent the evening scanning and uploading a bunch of really old photos that my mum found today. there are loads of my cousins when they tiny, a few of my mum and my nan and even   one of her Grandma Rose (my Great Grandma) This is one old OLD photo but isn't it completely and utterly... amazing!

apparently she was a real 'character'. you know i love it when people say that, always makes me laugh! as opposed to what exactly?! a boring old fart? ahahaha

no but seriously, from what i hear she was always up for a laugh and would take part in anything (knobbly knees competitions, Glamourous Grannies pageants... you name it) sadly i never got to met her but it sounds like she was an amazing lady and it looks like she was loads of fun!

i love this one as well, it's of my big sister Simone as a little girl, so super cute! it's funny as well because it looks just like a photo of my niece Daisy (Simone's youngest daughter) only with darker hair. either way... it's lovely

there was also this fantastic one of my parents from gawd knows how long ago! they look so young! love, love, LOVE flicking through old photos!

i really do love old photographs, there's something so wonderful about them. it's great getting to see family members when they were so young (and different) but i can be even better when they're of family members you've never met or known. like the one of my great grandma. i never even knew her yet i have this photo to remind me of her and give me a tiny insight into her life. super duper times!


i've been feeling a bit low lately. This whole illness thing is getting me down big time! 

i've spent the past hour and half talking to my friend Mike on Skype which has cheered me up no end. we've been having sing-a-longs to Lionel Richie songs (don't ask... it was HIS karaoke choice) and a bit of Queen (FLASH... aaaahhhhhhaaaaaaa) some La Roux (this time baaaby i'll beeee bulleeeeeetprrrroooooof) and everything in between (Duran Duran, Gladys Knight, Michael Jackson, Status Quo etc etc)

there's also been a hell of a lot of quoting times mainly concerning the genius film that is 'Hot Fuzz'. I'm pretty sure that if we sat down and really REALLY thought about it... we could pretty much quote the entire film from start to finish!

Mike is a photographer (he's pretty awesome at the old photo malarkey... i'll be honest) so if you're interested in seeing any of his work you can follow the link here to his Flickr page - Michael Clarke Photography

also... he's pretty new (like BRAND NEW as in he ONLY set up a blog tonight) to this blogging lifestyle so here's his blog as well - the life and times of michael clarke.

ok i'm gonna go now because i'm feeling a bit icky again. 

hope you're all having a better time of it than i am at the moment, much love to you all!

maybe it was the swan! 
apparently they can break a man's arm...
or blow up a man's 'ouse...

byeeee for now

◕‿◕ ♥ x

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