Saturday 30 October 2010

my Free Crappy Portrait ♥

i know yesterday's uber boring 'garden' post didn't go down too well, so hopefully today's will be a little bit brighter!

so... last night while I was sat snuggled up in a blanket eating a ridiculously large bowl of ice cream (strawberry, chocolate and vanilla... in case you were wondering! in fact, stop wondering... you shouldn't be so nosy!) 

anyway, I was in the middle of watching a moooovie when I heard the little telltale 'ping' letting me know i'd received an email.

So I opened it up and...

THIS is what was in it!

That's right... it's a drawing of me making what are apparently 'Bluebird Cupcakes' (according to the wonderful 'Anne G' that created this masterpiece for me) 

the drawing was based on THIS photograph...

(explanation of the photo can be found in THIS post – Baking Day)

but that is beside the point


Now let me explain... a few weeks ago, while I was in Montenegro (read about my eventful trip here – Montenegro Times) I came across this super duper little site called 'free crappy portraits' (the discovery of this site was all thanks to the fabulous Mr Alex Mathers who posted about it on Twitter, check out his epic site here, and don't forget to sign up for his newsletter... he'll send you a super duper illustration if you do – Ape on the Moon)

so basically what the FCP site offers is... a 'free crappy portrait' based on pretty much whatever you want

you send them a photo (or two... or three) and tell them a bit about the picture, the people in it etc etc then one of the resident 'crappy artists' draws you a picture and sends it back... all for FREE

that's right folks... it doesn't cost you a penny... the site also has some of THE best hand drawn link banners i have ever seen...

so anyway, while I was away in Montenegro, all ill and felling verrrry sorry for myself, I decided to send them a photo in the hope that one day... I too would be the proud owner of my very own 'free crappy portrait'

so suffice to say... i'd long since forgotten about sending in my picture.

Yes I do visit their blog from time to time to marvel in awe and amazement at some of the FCP's they upload daily but I guess i'd pretty much given up all hope on ever getting my own special FCP

that was until I got an email from them during the ice cream/movie fest of my Friday night...

Hi Jade!
I just posted your portrait on our site and have attached it in this email. I hope you enjoy it! It was done by a guest artist who is way better at drawing than any of us. 

After looking at your fun illustrations, I would love to convince you to be a guest artist! You don't even have to draw at our crappy level since you are an actual artist.
Let me know if you're interested!


that's right... you read it correctly!

Not ONLY did they send me a truly amazing FCP... they also invited me to be a guest artist!

So naturally I accepted STRAIGHT AWAY!!!

I am a bit busy at the moment but hopefully in the near future I too will join the lofty ranks of the truly genius FCP guest artists!

big thanks to Alyssa, RJ and Sarah who are the 'artists in residence' and ruling overlords of FCP (the drawings are usually completed by these 3 or one of the Guest Artists) 

I am soooooooo excited!

And did I mention that I LOVE my FCP!!!! because I do... I L-O-V-E it!!!

you can read the original post on their fabby blog riiiiight HERE - Bluebird Cupcakes

and if you're interested in getting hold of your very own Free Crappy Portrait (as i'm sure many of you will now be desperate for one as well... and quite rightly too since they are so EPIC) then all you have to do is send them a photo + some info, all you need to know is right here - Get Yours

i know for a fact that my friend Mike (see his photography blog here - Point and Click) has already sent them a picture as words literally cannot begin to desrcibe how insanely jealous he was of my FCP when i linked him to it last night... right Mike?!

i can already think of a few other people that will probably send in for one of these as well... i wish you all luck in your quest for an FCP and give this advice... just be patient! 

the site gets a LOT of FCP requests so don't get annoyed f it takes weeks, months or even years for you to get sent an FCP

* * *

ok it's the Manx Radio Dreamcatcher appeal 'Big Shout' today so... i'm off to the Villa Marina here in the Isle of Man to show my support and give some dosh to charity and generally have a splendiferous time...

good times all round!

have a super weekend, whatever you're up to!

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ ★ 

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for writing about us.

    Also, the guest artist is Anne Genung, who's not crappy at all. We lie sometimes.... shhh...

    Her blog is thisaway.
    Rj of FCP