Friday 17 September 2010

Pin-ups and Printers ♥

It is officially Pin-up day here at college. Well, it is at my desk in the HND cave anyway! The printer is finally working for me again so my desk is now quite literally covered in pictures, paintings and photos of Pin-up girls! It's awesome and very super duper. And yes... I brought my laptop in with me again, but only because I had so much research to print off!

I had a go at sorting a few more of the keyrings this morning as well. They're looking pretty nifty I must say, but it's given me loooads of ideas for other keyring designs and badges, mirrors etc etc blah blah blah. I won't bore you with my merch daydreams!

Oh I also spent some time this morning on THIS (don't worry the image below should be linked to the page as well) It's a totally fabby and marvy Pin-up girl maker 'paper doll' (or digi-doll since it's all online) by one of my fave artists, Kei Phillips also known as 'Kinkei'. Check out her super blog here – Kinkei's Blog

here's a folder she made on deviantART chock full of her awesome and totally gorgeous Pin-up Girls - FOLDER

If you love all things Pin-up have a go on the digital paper doll, it is sooooo much fun! I could have spent hours on it creating pin-up girls. As it was I had to stop playing with the doll to talk to my tutor Helen about my project ideas. She also seemed to like the Pin-up idea so... success so far!
Anyway, I managed to grab a screen cap of these four little lovelies before I had to stop...

See, instant Pin-up's and hours of fun...

right i have to go now because it's nearly time for me to 'sign-on' at college. no i'm not going on the dole, it just means i'm being officially signed on as a student. for the third year in a row!

happy Friday btw, TGIF and all that jazz. i got some bad news last night/this morning but thankfully i'm at college all day so it's doing a smashing job of taking my mind off everything!

have a great weekend

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ ♥ xX