Thursday 9 September 2010

Curves Glorious Curves ♥

Well hello there dudes and dudettes, it's been a while I know but I DO have a good excuse. Promise.

So I was due to fly out of Dubrovnik, Croatia on the 7th at approximately 13:55 local time (aka Madrid, Paris, time) however... the delightful people known as 'the French' decided to crap on my dream of getting home and so, after pretty much closing French air space and having a strike (again... seriously, enough with the striking already) my flight didn't even set off from Liverpool in time. It eventually landed... 4 hours later at 18:00ish. Now normally I would have just been relieved that it had landed full stop, however... my flight out from Liverpool to the Isle of Man was due to leave at 19:30 (London, Lisbon, Dublin time) so you see the dilemma here!

Suffice to say, we missed the flight to the IOM, we eventually landed in Liverpool at 21:40 UK time so... I wasn't the happiest of chaps let's leave it at that. I guess being stranded overnight in Liverpool with no guarantee we'd make it onto a flight the next day was what you could call an adventure. I'd much rather call it a nightmare though! But, since my boat back from Dublin was cancelled a couple of weeks ago and I ended up stranded in Dun Laoghaire overnight I pretty much took this all in my stride.

It's not just the travelling mishaps that have been keeping me busy though! What with all the travelling i've also been working on a logo design commission, a character editing/colouring job for a local web designer, a character design job for another web design duo, writing an interview type thing for a fashion/lifestyle website (should be up soon... I hope EDIT is up, see end of post) as well as an article for an Illustration website.

So yes... it's been a very busy past couple of days! Busy busy busy!

So today, seeing as I was stranded at Liverpool airport for so long I decided to treat myself to a few fashion mags. I've been a bit blasé with my fashion updates lately, in fact the last fashion mags I bought were in Ireland where I got the national mags 'U' and 'Image' which are kind of like 'Look' and 'Vogue' only specifically Irish and very super duper. Anyway, in the airport I got the latest issues of Elle and Vogue (yes I know they're both pretty similar despite one being published by Hachette Filipacchi and the other by Condé Nast, but they really do both offer different views so I like to get them both. Deal with it!) as well as the latest Grazia which I mainly bought because the utterly gorgeous and fabulously curvy Christina Hendricks was on the cover. Seriously now... how amazing did she look at the Emmy's?! And just look at her husbands hair, I ADORE curls, clearly she does too. This is a genius woman!

Geez louise that woman is so curvy it should be criminal! She looked absoflippinglutely amazing and gorgeous! I couldn't believe it when I read that different designers refused to send out gowns to her because she won't fit into sample sizes! What the hell!!!!

I understand that her figure is quite tricky to dress (big boobs, tiny waist, wide hips etc etc) but come on... she looks fabulous in pretty much anything that clings to those curves you'd think they'd want to help show off that perfect hourglass shape not refuse to dress it! For the record that custom made Zac Posen gown really did show off her curves to full effect, it's no wonder everyone at the Emmy's was talking about her (and her enviable figure) hell, even i'm talking about it all now!

Ok ok, back to the blog! So I stocked up on fashion mags and settled down with a bottle of water for a nice long fashion binge. It was divine and the airport times literally flew by. I also grabbed a copy of the complementary fashion mag 'Stylist' from the airport display. It was actually really, really awesome considering the fact that it didn't cost me a penny. A gorgeous Louis Vuitton shoot inside. Oh that reminds me, best thing about the latest issue of Elle? (apart from the fact it's the 25th anniversary edition and is chock full of awesomeness) the front 3 page pull out advertisement feature is dedicated to the latest Louis Vuitton collection. Yes THOSE ads.

The ones with that delectable trio of buxom lovelies, Karen Elson, Natalia Vodianova and Christy Turlington proving once and for all that beauty has a bust, hips and waist, AND a ladylike handbag + circle skirt combo. God bless you Marc Jacobs, for giving women everywhere a collection made for... women!

Those ads are wonderful though. I watched the LV collection (online... obviously) when it first came out and was literally squealing and clapping by the end of it. I think it was the sight of Laetitia Casta in that balcony corset with eye popping cleavage that did it, it's been far too long since we saw such... womanliness on the catwalk.

And yet this sort of figure is more common than the straight-up-straight-down look of many of the most popular supermodels of recent years (excluding the fabulous Lara Stone and drop-dead-gorgeous Crystal Renn). I guess it was just relievingly refreshing for such a prestigious fashion house to fill their catwalk (and their latest collection pieces) with delicious women whose physical attributes have acted as a disqualification for fashion show participation for so long! These women clearly don't starve themselves to fit into clothes and if sample sizes don't fit them it doesn't seem to faze them in the slightest. It's the fashion houses loss... not theirs.

Speaking of starving yourself, because i've been so ill over the past couple of days it's now been about three or four days since I last ate anything more substantial than a handful of cornflakes and a couple of pretzel sticks. Well I say that, when we eventually got home today I think i'd been in the house about three minutes before I was stuffing my face with kinder and milka chocolate, fresh crusty bread and a can of vimto. Oh it's good to be home...

by the way, I'm writing this at about 00:37 time so I guess I should bugger off and try and go to bed soon. You see I accidentally fell asleep at about 5:45pm and only woke up about 30 mins ago! Not the smartest move I know but it's too late now. I lay in bed trying to drop back off and suddenly started writing this post in my head, so as not to lose the creative flow (ahahahaha I couldn't even type that with a straight face!) I leapt up and grabbed my laptop for some typing times.

EDIT: present time... Eeeerrrgh! I feel bad that haven’t posted anything in ages! I know this is a pretty long post so why stop now! Just to make it even better... here’s my latest desktop wallpaper courtesy of the fabulous Joseph Kloepfer who started following me on twitter yesterday and in doing so, has now made me a huuuuge fan of his super duper adorabubble vector illustrations

check out his site here - JOKLO


today my 'Luscious' interview thing was put up. they wrote such a nice statement about me + my work as well,

'We think this talented young illustrator from the Isle of Man exudes lusciousness. Check out the new story on our "Five minutes of fabulous". Well done Jade!'

isn't that lovely! they also posted 20 of my illustrations in a facebook photo gallery along with a snap of me. here's the LUSCIOUS page on facebook

but... HERE is the actual 'Five Minutes of Fabulous' post - Fabulous newcomer: Jade Boylan

words cannot begin to decribe how excited i was when this appeared in my facebook news feed! Natasha Wood (Director of the site, total super duper genius superstar) sent me an email letting me know it was all up and running. i couldn't help but tell her that i actually squealed when i spotted the link! she said,'Remember us when you are famous!'

well if i'm ever famous it'll be partly down to her for posting such a fabulous piece about me. i can't thank her enough, and the rest of the team at '', they are all superstars and if i ever do 'make it big' i will personally visit their offices with a huge cupcake basket from the Magnolia Bakery and enough pink lemonade to last for months and months of girly lusciousness!

and as i always say, that's all for now (geez i'm like an old looney tunes cartoon, 'er that's all folks') well it is anyway, i'm off to try and work on some of these web design commission doo-daas now, oh and to get my etsy shop up and running at last! because... very soon i may actually have something to sell on it! shock horror and wow! here's the SHOP keep checking it over the next few days and hopefully it'll be fully operational soon enough,

oh, i also go back to College on Monday which isn't so marvy and terrific, but i'll try to make the best of it just like i always do.

peace out dudes and dudettes and don't forget... keep smiling

◕‿◕ xX


  1. Oh Jade Hun, I suggest you don't travel for a while :) you seem to get ill and then get stuck coming home! lol
    Woweee congrats on the article! amazing!

  2. thanks, i'll be staying in the IOM for the foreseeable future for sure

    and thanks about the article as well, i'm so chuffed with how it turned out, really exciting times xX