Monday 16 August 2010

♡☆ Vintage Quest times ☆♡

Today I had another lovely wander around Cork city centre, I left the hotel late this morning so after a quick trip to Brown Thomas (well I have to visit it everrrry day) I stopped for some lunch at a great little restaurant on Malboro street called 'Zaks'. Delcious food, speedy service, good prices and... it must be said, there was a particularly drop dead gorgeous waiter serving in there as well but that is so not the reason I chose that place for my lunch. Honest!

Anyway after food times I head back onto the streets for some shopping. I was determined to find some cute little independent shops and I really wasn't disappointed. Cork's side streets have some fantastic little boutiques and stores hidden away selling all sorts of things but my favourite of the day had to be the gorgeous 'Peacock & Ruby' vintage boutique selling 'curios, objects of old world glamour and vintage costume jewellery.

tucked away in the English Market, under the Farmgate cafe this adorable little boutique is chock full of delightful vintage pieces including flowery headbands, classic little handbags, ornate furniture, delicate ornaments and sparkling costume jewellery all interspersed with old fashioned photo frames, floral notebooks, quirky money boxes, colourful Japanese kokeshi doll keyrings and candles and pretty little pink and purple Russian matryoshka dolls.

I actually found this shop on my first day here in Cork but my mum was getting all impatient so I barely had chance to look around it. Today I spent ages in there checking out all the beautiful little pieces the shop had to offer. It was literally filled with all manner of things ranging from sweet little 50's style compact mirrors to delicately beaded and feathered 1920's hair fascinators, it really was a veritable treasure trove of vintage finds.

The shop was decorated gorgeously as well with lots of charming patterned wallpaper, antique mirrors and pretty venetian masks hanging everywhere amongst the vintage cameos and china tea cups and teapots with the constant scent of delicious candles and incense accompanying you all around the shop.

For budding vintage seekers it's an absolute Aladdin's cave bursting with a multitude of different styles of jewellery ranging from so many different eras along with a super duper collection of bits and bobs as well as loads of other things that would make fab gifts for yourself or friends and family. everything is displayed wonderfully as well so if you're willing to spend the time looking, you won't miss a thing on offer

The highlight for me was the big lit chandelier dripping with dozens of vintage necklaces hanging next to the counter, a truly genius method of jewellery display not to mention a gorgeous one.

The lovely ladies in the shop were kind enough to let me take a quick snap of the chandelier as well as the shop, though my crappy camera really doesn't do the place justice, it is so sublime in there I could have happily spent the day mooching around examining all the bits and pieces in the place.

i'm soooo not a nosy stalker type but i couldn't help but notice they had a few awesome books in the shop as well for their own private reading, a book of spells, one on Palmistry, a book about dreams... as if i didn't already think the place was awesome enough let's throw in a few books i actually have my own copies of at home. good times!

well, they were very helpful anyway since I spent well over half-an-hour in there and only ended up buying this adorable little flower hair clip. But I literally could have bought the shop if i'd have had the money and the time! One of them also complimented me on my brand new coat (from Dunnes, 25... total bargain!) so obviously that also made them shoot up in my estimations ◕‿◕

hopefully i'll get a chance to nip back to the shop before I return to the Isle of Man but if not I want to thank the girls I met in the shop for their help and to compliment them on an exquisite store, (they got one of my business cards so they may or may not end up seeing this) it's now my favourite shop here in Cork... I have decided!

If you're ever in Cork I highly recommend you pop by and give the shop a visit, it's in the famous English Market on Patrick street in Cork city centre. This shop is also right opposite the vintage dress shop I blogged about a few days ago, 'Miss Daisy Blue', so I really do urge to to check them both out if you're ever down here yourself.

that's all for now, i'm just talking to my friend Mike aka the Birthday boy (he's 19 today... bless) on facebook but i'm off to watch 'Ponyo' again since i luuuurve it so much

byeeee ◕‿◕ xX

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